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Old 15-09-2016, 01:20 AM
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Running an older Elite 7 HDI on my kayak and as it was on another Native I had bought some 12 months ago figured I would do a software update on it.
Admittedly its a bit more fiddly than doing them on the HDS but guess thats old tech for you ey!

So downloaded it onto the card, watched a short youtube clip n thought righto, looks a sinch. Errr NO.

Unit off, card in.
Turn on unit expecting it to find the update just like the video. Errr NO again. Instead its straight into the sonar and the warning about navigation.
Admittedly, the youtube vid used a CHIRP model 9 mine is the Non- CHIRP model. Is there a difference in how to get the software uploaded?

I did a little more youtubing and found this;


realising my mistake, I went back & expanded the file before transfering onto the MicroSD and whallah!

I was going to delete this post, but in the interests of future reference for others users will leave it here.
Mods, feel free to remove if you disagree.
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Its a work in progress

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Old 15-09-2016, 08:14 AM
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yep trap for young players
must unzip file first
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Old 08-12-2016, 07:13 AM
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hello all,

had my sounder (HDS7 Gen3) for a while now and gradually getting my head around it....learn something new about it everytime i head out i reckon. Just wanted to share a couple of screenshots with you from a recent trip and get your opinions/advice. These were taken while drifting along a steep rocky bank in the Hawkesbury.


This first shot is pretty cool if it is what I think it is....assume it's a Jewie feeding on a school of baitfish? Of people that know the area, what would they likely be. I think i've seen tailor schooling up and they don't seem to pack as tightly so would it be herring or something similar? prawns maybe? and what would be your tactic when you see something like this? would you drop your vibe/plastic straight down or you you try and get ahead of the school and cast at it? What ever it was i didn't catch it!


Second shot is a picture i regularly get. The downscan image shows those not so solid lumps but these show up quite solid on the sonar. Would these be baitfish again or would it be something like weed or the edge of boulders that aren't getting hit solidly by the beam? Do i need to play with the settings of the sonar like the ping or sensitivity to get it to read more clearly?

Look forward to hearing any advice or opinions. Cheers, Rowboat
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