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Old 10-03-2011, 08:13 PM
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Applying for job in tackle store

Hi Dylan,

It is always refreashing to see someone who knows where their passion lies and decides to pursue it. There have been a lot of suggestions but I would like to add a few as well.

1. Prepare a CV make sure there are no spelling errors and that you use punctuation (believe me in this day and age where emails are more and more important you need to show your prospective employer that you can type and construct a sentence)

2. Customize your CV and application letter. If the shop you go to thinks that you have jumped on the photocopier and run off 20 of these and then dropped them in to every store then the CV will just end up in the bin. Use the company name and say why you want to work for them specifically. Find out the name of the manager or the person who makes the hiring decision and speak to them. (Work out which store you want to work for and learn more about them).

3. List the type of fishing that you do and your fishing skills. If you have a specific interest in Bream say that, if you chase Goldies on fly - say it. Whatever you do if you list your hobbies make sure you put fishing and specific types of fishing.

4. Think about what you can do for the company eg You can work Saturdays or Sundays because you are still at school - so say - I am still at school but I am available to work in your busy times on the weekends, peak times at Christmas and on public holidays. I value the opportunity to learn and believe that because of my age you could hire me on junior rates making a cost effective staffing alternative for you in busy times. As a casual employee I can be on call for busy times but during bad weather there is the option not to call me in (my thoughts are you want to get your foot in the door so you need to make every effort to be flexible and be a solution for them)

5. Continue to learn - practise your fishing, practise every knot you can, learn different types of fishing. If you like bream fishing but have never been squid fishing (and the store you works at sells squid gear) go and learn it.

Working in a tackle shop is a lot harder than many people realize. You need knowledge (even if it is Anaconda or DohDohDoh).

If the tackle shop says no then go back again in a month and ask again, but never interrupt a staff member when they are with a customer in order to ask the question.

Hope this helps a bit,

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Old 11-03-2011, 07:14 AM
yakkindan yakkindan is offline
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your a lucky lad. i wish i knew what i was passionate about at 15. i was too busy chasing all the distractions in skirts rather than chasing my dreams. good for you. hassle the tackle stores till they realise your not going away without getting what you want. good luck mate
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