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Welcome New Members If you have just registered, pop in here to meet the gang.

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Posting Guidelines for Members and Site Sponsors

The idea of Breammaster is for a place where like minded anglers can come to discuss a whole range of things fishing and anything else and as the name suggests Breamming in particular.

The forums are here for everyone and are primarily here to promote the sport we love. To do this we need site sponsors to help pay the bills, so where ever possible it is appreciated that members support the site sponsors whenever they can.

We are not here to support the massive retail chain stores and the like so please refrain from posting up their specials or what you just bought from them. They have big budgets for advertising and do not need your help to promote them. Just like they do not need to advertise with us!

Sponsored anglers have a commitment to giving their sponsors coverage and we welcome this to be done on the forums (even if they are not site sponsors), however it is appreciated that when you do this it is in a post that shows images and a bit of a story of fish caught on the products from the companies who sponsor you. There is no need to do an advert for them as pictures speak a thousand words and if you have in your signature your sponsors I am sure people can fill in the gaps.

Site sponsors are allowed to show images of new products, upcoming products, do giveaways, advise members when questions are posted about their products, ask advice for new products etc.

All members and site sponsors should not post links to other forums, facebook pages or any other site that is designed to draw traffic away from Breammaster, the idea is to bring as much traffic as possible here, so that we can grow our community not feed other forums etc. Obviously there are exceptions when the info is pertinent to answering a specific question and has been covered in depth already, this is especially so if it has little to do with fishing or bream fishing.

Sponsors should also be aware that these forums are not here purely for the promotion of their products and that members will and do talk about other products available in Australia and some that are only available overseas. These topics are interesting to many and can bring up interesting debates as well, it is a fact of life that the world is getting smaller and it is also one that we all have to deal with.

If people have gripes or concerns about the site, sponsors, members, posts or anything else, then you are free to e mail us at info@breammaster.com posting something on the forums is sometimes not the best option, also if you are unsure as to whether you can post something or not, or feel it is a grey area also feel free to e mail us first and get permission especially for one off commercial posts etc.

We try to maintain the site so that there is very little moderation of posts, and allow as much free speech as possible, however when posts cross the line and members feel that the post is offensive or not in the best interest of the forums there is a report post button at the top right of every post, feel free to tick this and give your reason so that any moderators can look into it ASAP.

Sponsoring Breammaster is very cheap, hence why there are quite a few site sponsors. This does not give site sponsors the right to dictate how the site should be run. The site is here for members first! We also reserve the right to remove site sponsors at any time if members put in complaints showing valid reasons.

Please note these are guidlines only, we do not need hard and fast rules, it is meant to be fun and enjoyable for all involved, including admin and moderators.

The Breammaster Crew
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